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Holiday Greetings 2010
Friday, 31 December 2010



Season's greetings from snowy New York where I'm in the process of mailing out my annual holiday card. This one is issued in a limited edition of 475 numbered copies with the theme of air balloons, inspired by Antarctica's super-pressure research balloons and by the birth of ballooning as described in Richard Holmes' intriguing book The Age of Wonder.

As always, the card's year of issue (2010) is encoded in the graphics. It's abstractly represented and designed to be a challenge to find. Good luck, happy rest of the year, and an uplifting 2011 to all!

Haemisphaerium Australe
Sunday, 04 January 2009

2008.12.22 haemisphaerium australe500x643.jpg

Happy 2009! My New Year's card illustrates some constellations unique to the southern hemisphere: Centaurus, Cetus, Hydra, Scorpio, and Piscis Austrinus. The concept was inspired by Uranometria, a beautifully engraved star atlas of 1603 (the first to cover the entire celestial sphere), and by my recent travels south of the equator.

I'm currently at McMurdo Station in Antarctica for my project called The Art of Recycling in Antarctica : The Long View. I'll be here for most of January and you're invited to follow along on my dedicated project blog hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.

Incidentally, I won't see any constellations during my time here. At this deep southern latitude, the sun won't set till autumn.

Latin Jazz stamp
Monday, 20 October 2008

My Latin Jazz stamp is available in post offices and online now! The 42-cent commemoratives come twenty to a sheet. Much thanks to AD Dick Sheaff who previously coached my Marathon stamp across the finish line.

bartalos latin jazz stamp.jpg

I'm also excited to announce the launch of my two new websites:

Bartalosillustration.com is the new home for my illustration portfolio, showcasing client-commissioned assignments such as the stamp and new California Academy of Sciences display & merchandise graphics.

Bartalos.com focuses on personal work, printmaking, book arts, editions, residencies, grants (Antarctica!) and independent projects of all kinds.

Both sites feature blogs with news on what I'm up to.

Big thanks to SF friends Brian Scott at Boon Design and Max La Riviere-Hedrick at futureprüf for making both sites happen.

Monday, 07 January 2008
vostok 4 views.jpg

Vostok is an artist’s book edition I created in collaboration with Dolphin Press & Print in Baltimore during my visiting faculty residency at MICA. The project was letterpress and screen printed in an edition of 30 and facilitated by Illustration Chair Whitney Sherman.

Vostok refers to the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica. Preliminary research suggests that Lake Vostok supports active micro-organisms that evolved in isolation for several millions of years. However until scientists devise a way to study this uniquely pristine environment without contaminating it, its life forms remain as much a mystery as those beyond our atmosphere. Vostok drills deep to reveal a trajectory between deep ice and deep space.

Copies are available for purchase and the proceeds help fund MICA's residency programs.

Wednesday, 02 January 2008

bartalos 2008 new year card.jpg


Happy 2008

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